Annual Child Online Protection Partnership Workshop Southern Sun Newlands 07 – 08 December 2015


Annual Child Online Protection Partnership Workshop

DICAG was a participant in the first of its kind in South Africa, a National Strategy addressing the needs of the most vulnerable group in our society, our children in the Information Communication Technology (ITC) sector.  This strategy is a culmination of extensive consultation with stakeholders from across the country including Children’s Rights organizations, ICT focused on Children’s Organizations of which there is only a few in our country.

    The presentation outline on the Child Empowerment and ICT Strategy was as follow:

  • Purpose
  • Strategy development approach
  • Legislative and Policy Framework informing the strategy
  • Summary of the environment san findings
  • Target Groups
  • Priorities of the strategy
  • Facilitation and implementation process
  • What support is expected from the external stakeholder going forward?

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Disabled Children's Action Group (DICAG) is a national parents organisation that advocates on the Rights of children with disabilities.

The National Council is our Policy and Strategic decision-making body.

The National Executive Committee monitors the implementation of decisions of the National Council.

During the first 5 years DPSA (Disabled People South Africa) "adopted" DICAG as a programme to assist in its development to full independence.

DICAG focuses on Advocacy & Development projects within rural communities of all the nine provinces of South Africa.

DICAG also focuses on Advocacy & Development projects in peri-urban and informal settlements.

The membership of DICAG comprises mainly of rural women, many of whom are single parents all with disabled children.

Parent Empowerment is the corner-stone of DICAG's development.

Training parents on how to advocate for the Rights of their disabled children is part of Parent Empowerment.

Teaching parents to understand public perceptions of Disability is important aspects of Parent Empowerment.

Engaging the professionals in training together with parents will equalize the playing field and build stronger partnerships.

Children play a key role in our Mobilisation Drive.

Mobilisation also requires reaching the parents in the far rural areas.

Advocacy and Awareness Raising on issues of disability which affect the child with a disability are done at various levels.

Parents as well as community forums participate actively in raising awareness around disability issues.

Children with disabilities plays a key role in Advocacy and Awareness Raising on their Rights.

Training on Disability Awareness, attitude and Anti-Bias Changes, is key to Advocating for the Rights of Children with Disabilities.

DICAG, provides this training upon request from interested persons/organizations.

Parents are also trained in aspects of Early Childhood Development.

At DICAG we believe that ALL Children with disabilities have the right to Early Childhood Development.

Irrespective of the disability, we believe that ALL Children have the right to be educated.

Centre upgrades provides the opportunity for local centres to access subsidy support from government.

Physiotherapy techniques, where no such services are available, are important teaching lessons to parents.

Assisting parents in income-generating projects helps to sustain ECD initiatives for Children with Disabilities.

The ultimate aim of DICAG is to ensure the development of happy, confident young adults with disabilities, to have a vision towards equal opportunities in society for all.    

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