Annual Child Online Protection Partnership Workshop Southern Sun Newlands 07 – 08 December 2015


Annual Child Online Protection Partnership Workshop

DICAG was a participant in the first of its kind in South Africa, a National Strategy addressing the needs of the most vulnerable group in our society, our children in the Information Communication Technology (ITC) sector.  This strategy is a culmination of extensive consultation with stakeholders from across the country including Children’s Rights organizations, ICT focused on Children’s Organizations of which there is only a few in our country.

    The presentation outline on the Child Empowerment and ICT Strategy was as follow:

  • Purpose
  • Strategy development approach
  • Legislative and Policy Framework informing the strategy
  • Summary of the environment san findings
  • Target Groups
  • Priorities of the strategy
  • Facilitation and implementation process
  • What support is expected from the external stakeholder going forward?

More information regarding this subject can be found on our website.












The following structures constitute the activities of DICAG.


National Council

Top Policy and decision making body.  The National Council mandates establishment of the National Executive Committee, which is a statutory requirement.


National Executive Committee (NEC)

Monitors the Implementation of National Council decisions by secretariat.  It mandat the establishment of the sub-commitees as is required such as, HR, Finance, Policy Development, Griev. 


Provincial DICAG Council

Organise and mobilise local parent branches.  Advocacy and Lobbying for equal opportunities for disabled children at provincial level.


Local Parent Branches

Organise and mobilise parents of children with disabilities at local level.


Membership Representatives

Organise and mobile membership.  Advocates for Rights of Children with Disabilities.



Appointed to implement all activities within the Programme Plan of Action.   

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