Annual Child Online Protection Partnership Workshop Southern Sun Newlands 07 – 08 December 2015


Annual Child Online Protection Partnership Workshop

DICAG was a participant in the first of its kind in South Africa, a National Strategy addressing the needs of the most vulnerable group in our society, our children in the Information Communication Technology (ITC) sector.  This strategy is a culmination of extensive consultation with stakeholders from across the country including Children’s Rights organizations, ICT focused on Children’s Organizations of which there is only a few in our country.

    The presentation outline on the Child Empowerment and ICT Strategy was as follow:

  • Purpose
  • Strategy development approach
  • Legislative and Policy Framework informing the strategy
  • Summary of the environment san findings
  • Target Groups
  • Priorities of the strategy
  • Facilitation and implementation process
  • What support is expected from the external stakeholder going forward?

More information regarding this subject can be found on our website.












  • Appointment and performance monitoring of the National Coordinator.
  • Policy formulation & Strategic Direction.
  • Develop strategic positioning of the organisation.
  • Ambassadors of the organisation.
  • Fund – raising and public relations.
  • Programme planning and approval of programme budget.
  • Advocacy and information dissemination to members.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of overall organisational progress.
  • Approve audited statements.

  • National Programme implementation and management.
  • Day to day operations.
  • Coordinate provincial programmes.
  • Manage DICAG’s assets.
  • Preparation of monthly and quarterly financial and narrative reports for submission to the national council.
  • Personnel administration and appraisal management.
  • Fund- raising and proposal development.
  • Public relations (National & International).
  • Interaction with communities, (membership, parents, interested parties, donors, etc.)

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