DICAG was established in 1993

The Disabled Children’s Action Group (DICAG) is a cross disability non-racial national organisation of parents that was formed by parents of disabled children in 1993 for the purpose of addressing the needs of disabled children in South Africa, with a specific focus on children in difficult situations (i.e. as a result of racial oppression, environmental location, and/or severity of disability).

DICAG became an independent organisation as from September 1 1997 with close affiliation and collaboration with Disabled People South Africa (DPSA).

The organisation has mobilised over 12 000 parents of disabled children, of whom 3 900 are registered members.  There are 86 affiliated local parent branches, with representation from all of the nine provinces, with its head office in Cape Town.  

DICAG will continue to be a organisation of parents that advocates for the rights of children with disabilities and their full integration into society with equal opportunities for all.
To be a non-racial, national parent organisation that promotes and protects the rights of children with all forms of disabilities, with the special emphasis on:
  • Prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • Social Integration
  • Mobilisation of Parents
  • Empowerment of children, siblings and parents
  1. Safeguard the survival, protection and holistic development of the disabled children.
  2. Promotion of full integration and independence of children with disabilities.
  3. Participate in the change of restrictive legislations and development of disability friendly policies.
  4. Mobilisation of parents of the children with disabilities and raising their awareness on rights of their children and strategies to lobby for those rights.
  5. Participate in networking with other similar organisations on disability issues, both nationally and internationally. 

Membership is individual.  Any person who is a parent of a disabled child can affiliate as a member.  Children with disabilities also form part of the membership structure.
Any other interested individual, organisation, school or daycare centre may also affiliate to DICAG but do not have any voting powers on the local, provincial or national structures.

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