• To interact with existing institutions such a Government Departments on the rights of children with disabilities to find an acceptable approach in dealing with issues that effects the disabled child.
  • To continue with making input in the review of government legislation and policies that effect disabled children.
  • To review and design programmes that will benefit children with disabilities and prepare them for full integration into society.
  • To continue with capacity building programmes for parents in both Advocacy and Development.
  • To facilitate education of decision makers with strategic institutions such as Educating, Health, Social Development and Corporate sector on the needs of children with disabilities.
  • To conduct information sharing seminars with local branches of parents on progress made with regard to their participation in advocacy work.
  • To prepare material that will aggressively place DICAG on the local and international market.
  • To continue raise funds to support DICAG Programs at national and promotional level.
  • To continue network with strategic organisation within the disability sector.
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