Annual Child Online Protection Partnership Workshop Southern Sun Newlands 07 – 08 December 2015


Annual Child Online Protection Partnership Workshop

DICAG was a participant in the first of its kind in South Africa, a National Strategy addressing the needs of the most vulnerable group in our society, our children in the Information Communication Technology (ITC) sector.  This strategy is a culmination of extensive consultation with stakeholders from across the country including Children’s Rights organizations, ICT focused on Children’s Organizations of which there is only a few in our country.

    The presentation outline on the Child Empowerment and ICT Strategy was as follow:

  • Purpose
  • Strategy development approach
  • Legislative and Policy Framework informing the strategy
  • Summary of the environment san findings
  • Target Groups
  • Priorities of the strategy
  • Facilitation and implementation process
  • What support is expected from the external stakeholder going forward?

More information regarding this subject can be found on our website.












Disability Rights Awareness Month 2015:  3 November - 3 December 2015

Disabled Children’s Action Group (DICAG) wants to say thank to Mr. Mike Toni of Department of Social Development and Mr. Looks Matoto from DPSA.For DPSA for representing the disability sector on ETV  Sunrise Breakfast Show. We value the Positive Advocacy responses as a parent Sector DICAG we are proud of both of you. 

African Peer Review Mechanism - Western Cape APRM/OGP Stakeholders Meeting on 12 November 2015 @ the Strand Tower Hotel Cape Town. DICAG participated in the Western Cape APRM/OGP Stakeholders Meeting on 12 November 2015.
The programme director was Mr. Nkosekhaya Lala. The outline of the meeting was to update the participants on the OGP Third Country Action Plan, also to give an update on the Progress Report on APRM and update on the 2nd Generation Review.
To Update on the role of civil society in the Open Government Partnership, as well in the African Peer Review Mechanism.


The Workshop on the Audit of Compliance of Legislation Against the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on the 16 – 18 November 2015. Our National Chairperson will be representing the organization (DICAG)

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